Dry Stack or Dry Dock is similar to a valet service for cars, providing a catered indoor or outdoor storage system for your boat.

A safe and secure option.

When you want to go boating simply call Hindson Marina at least an hour before you plan on visiting the marina and your boat will be launched and ready to go when you are.

After each use, your boat is power washed and returned to the dry stack storage rack.

  • Outdoor Dry Stack- Monthly
  • $14.00
    per ft (LOA) +HST per month
  • Indoor Dry Stack - Monthly
  • $18.50
    per ft (LOA) +HST per month
  • Outdoor Dry Stack - Annual
  • $9.50
    per ft (LOA) +HST per month
  • Indoor Dry Stack - Annual
  • $13.00
    per ft (LOA) +HST per month

*Please ask about our extended stay discount program

*Our outdoor annual package has the option to upgrade the winter storage to shrink wrap, covered storage, cold storage or indoor storage.


Our program is quickly becoming popular because of its wonderful benefits:


Hassle Free, On-Demand Launch and Haul Out

Worry Free

No Worrying About Self Launching Your Boat

Save Time

No More Inconvenient Trailering

Save on Maintenance

Minimize Hull Wear and Decrease Maintenance

Decrease Service Costs

Extend Your Boat’s Service Life and Value

Better Performance

Increase Your Boat’s Fuel Economy and Performance


Reduced Marine Growth On The Hull


You Will Have More Time to Enjoy Your Boating Adventures

Ready on Arrival

We Can Fuel Up and Pump Out Your Boat Prior to Launch

At Hindson Marina your boat is in good hands. Our forklift and hydraulic trailers will safely move your boat from storage to water and back again, giving you peace of mind.

The Safe, Secure & Convenient Option

If you enjoy boating and don’t require a slip, nothing rivals the economy, convenience, and time savings you gain through Hindson Marina’s dry stack storage system.