The Saga of "The Travelling Burgee" by Sari Bell

Every year around this time I leave the comfort of my Chandlery for a backpacking trip somewhere around the globe. For three years now I have taken a Hindson Marina burgee with me on my travels. So far the burgee has been to India, Nepal, Turkey, and Nicaragua.

Although I generally enjoy a more exotic locale, this year I will be backpacking around the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan for three weeks with some friends. From Playa Del Carmen to Merida, from the ruins at Tulum to the jungle near Valladolid, I look forward to sharing some of my travels with you.

If you care to share in my adventures and watch the burgee make progress across Mexico, tune in to our Facebook page regularly to see updates and photos, or like us on Facebook and automatically receive updates.

Take Care and I will see you in mid-February